Cargo must pick up the pace

Customer expectations are changing in the modern market and air cargo must keep up with demand

Analysis Cargo


The dangers of slot auctions

Slot auctions would fundamentally change the industry, curtailing connectivity and shackling aviation’s economic and cultural benefits.

Space-based air traffic management presents many advantages.

A ring around the Earth

Space-based air traffic management presents many advantages. But there are challenges to be faced before use of the technology is commonplace.


Tackling the European infrastructure crisis

European governments must find the resolve to help aviation overcome an infrastructure crisis

Airport & ATM

Can airlines keep up with digital pace?

Digitalization is forcing a paradigm shift in business models. But can airlines move quickly enough?



The Big Picture

Plane stories

How can I avoid jet lag on my flight?

Jet lag is an occupational hazard of long-haul travel. But there are some ways you can minimize it.

Farewell to the father of the 747

August saw the passing, at the grand age of 95, of the legendary Joe Sutter, the man who designed the 747.