In recent years, we’ve seen disruptive digital firms overturn established business models in fields such as retail, holiday accommodation, communications, media and entertainment. Now transport – and aviation – face a similar revolution.

Using real-time data feeds, smartphone apps and emerging ticketing technologies, it will soon be possible to sell journeys rather than tickets; to change routes and providers as conditions change; even to guarantee arrival times. Such technologies promise travelers much greater reliability, flexibility and convenience; and they present both threats and opportunities for airlines, airports and ticketing agencies.

KPMG maps out a near-future world in which a new generation of disruptive businesses transform the travel experience – providing huge benefits for economic growth, transport planners and the public alike.

In this white paper, KPMG envisages how new technologies could transform the multi-modal travel experience – and explores how the aviation sector would have to adapt to stay ahead of the game.

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