Travel and managing the risks of COVID-19

Tony Concil speaks to Dr David Heymann, an infectious disease epidemiologist and public health expert, about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on travel and the possible future outcomes.

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Is the aviation landscape set for change?

The figures are stark. Following the biggest ever fall in demand in 2020, IATA predicts traffic will return to half of 2019 levels in 2021 in a best-case scenario.

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Global Emissions Offset helps airline sustainability

Carbon offsets, one of the four ‘big beasts’ of the aviation industry’s strategy to slash carbon emissions, has been given another substantial boost with a new product tailored to airlines.


IATA Travel Pass to provide confidence for industry restart

From a weak start to 2021, the latest IATA projections suggest air travel demand this year would be 38% of 2019 levels in an optimistic scenario and 33% of 2019 levels should travel restrictions remain widespread.

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