Creating sustainable financial systems

On 1 March 1971, the first Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) came into operation in Japan. More than a technical advance in money handling, it was an imaginative leap for the entire industry. From this point onwards, airlines and accredited travel agencies had a standard way of settling accounts.

Analysis IATA


Safety comes first in industry restart

The coronavirus pandemic had a catastrophic effect on the industry, but ensuring safety was not compromised on its restart was essential, according to IATA.


Bringing safety and efficiency to the Akara Corridor

The enhancement to air traffic management in the Akara Corridor—airspace to the south of Korea connecting China and Japan—is welcome news for airlines.

Financial Settlement Systems take center stage

IATA’s financial settlement systems are essential to the industry’s cash flow in normal times, mission critical in these troubled times


Welcoming a new passenger experience

The passenger journey must accommodate new biosafety measures without losing sight of its seamless goal

Passenger experience