How safety data affects airline insurance pricing

With premiums rising across the airline insurance market, safety performance will become a key factor to mitigate increasing insurance costs, write John Rooley, CEO, and Simon Knechtli, Managing Director, Global Aerospace, Willis Towers Watson.


Staying safe in an unpredictable world

Aviation has never seen anything like it. In mid-April 2021, close to 9,500 aircraft were still parked, about 34% of the global fleet. While this is down from the 14,000-peak of a year ago, it is a staggering figure.


Creating value for airlines through retailing

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a catastrophic downturn in air travel, revenues, and profitability that has continued through the 2021 first quarter. Perhaps surprisingly, over the same period, the industry’s drive toward airline retailing, enabled by initiatives such as the New Distribution Capability (NDC), has accelerated.


Realizing the potential of sustainable aviation fuel

Andrew Stevens looks at the ability of sustainable aviation fuels to help reduce the industry’s emissions.