Enhancing safety in winter operations

Take-off is a safety critical phase of flight. It is especially important to be safe during winter conditions when multiple factors can cause contamination of critical surfaces and components and affect an aircraft’s dynamics.

Analysis Safety


Policies must support energy transition

There is no single solution that will enable aviation to meet its 2050 Net Zero CO2 Emissions target.


Ground handling set for take-off

Successful ground operations are essential to the industry recovery. But the collapse in air travel in 2020–21 resulted in the disappearance of tens of thousands of airport jobs.


Innovation Day to unlock industry potential

The need for innovation cuts across every aspect of aviation. It has become especially crucial following the brutal realities of the pandemic.


All aboard for the journey to customer-centricity

New Distribution Capability (NDC) is the first step towards enabling the travel industry to introduce the concept of airline retailing by replacing the existing distribution paradigm of bespoke legacy processes with a modern technology retailing ecosystem built on offers and orders.