A hard winter ahead

The continuing COVID-19 pandemic will make it a tough northern winter for the majority of airlines.



The first signs of recovery

After plunging 94.3% in April 2020 compared with April 2019, demand for air travel is on the rise.

Transporting vaccines by air

Air cargo has been critical in the global fight against COVID-19, transporting vital equipment and medicines to those that have needed them most, writes Andrea Gruber.

Weather forecasts lack data due to COVID-19

With the northern hemisphere hurricane season now only weeks away, weather forecasters are facing an unexpected and worrying downside of COVID-19’s impact on flying.

Overcoming every obstacle

The value air cargo brings to the world has never been more apparent. Many airlines have been involved in humanitarian flights during the COVID-19 pandemic and together with their partners in the logistics chain ensured personal protective equipment (PPE) and other urgent medical supplies reached their destination.