Sharing environmental knowledge among airlines

IATA has launched FlyAware, an online environment knowledge center.

The aim is to enhance airlines’ understanding of environmental mitigation efforts so that they are better equipped to reach net zero or respond to other sustainability challenges.

“We realized that if the industry is to achieve its 2050 net zero ambition, then sharing knowledge was essential,” says Olga Miltcheva, Assistant Director, Head of Environment Knowledge & Engagement. “Airline resources vary so much, and the level of environmental expertise is equally diverse. But we have a massive amount of work ahead of us and airlines will need specialist information in areas from hydrogen to carbon capture to electrification.”

There are multiple websites and multiple sources for these disciplines. But FlyAware is a one stop shop, designed to be as user-friendly as possible so all data is easily accessible. It is an invitation-only platform, open exclusively for member airlines and strategic partners and contains four main ideas:

Channels: These are digital libraries, covering key topics such as climate change, carbon offsetting, cabin waste, sustainable aviation fuels and much more. Content caters for all levels. “Sustainability cuts across all departments,” says Miltcheva. “A communications professional would need a broad understanding of the industry net zero pathways. But there is also enough top-level material to satisfy, for instance, a technology expert who is tracking the development of new propulsions or a procurement specialist interested in the most recent single-use plastic regulations.”

The latest case studies, news, expert videos, and whitepapers are uploaded on a weekly basis. For example, key sessions from IATA’s Energy Forum are available to allow users to keep abreast of the latest fuel initiatives. Email alerts about user-selected topics will ensure users are always up to date in their areas of interest. Notification can be set for a daily, weekly, or monthly frequency. There is also a monthly newsletter for all users.

A comprehensive tag system makes searching the content base easy. Searches can be done by topic, media type, such as videos, or region.

Virtual communities: These allow users to interact with other members of the platform on aviation's most critical environmental actions, including IATA’s Environmental Assessment (IEnvA) program and progress to net zero. Miltcheva believes this is an exciting development that facilitates the direct exchange of ideas.

Virtual events: Users can meet and learn from leading global experts on aviation and the environment at specially arranged webcasts. The monthly “Environment Insights” sessions cover a broad range of topics from the IATA CO2 Connect program to the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA).

Online training modules: These will allow users to gain essential knowledge on environment and aviation. Though the modules are introductory in nature they are aligned with IATA Training and so open the door to more detailed courses.

Airlines are already flocking to the site. There have been 7,500 visits since its launch just two months ago and there are some 450 users representing 77 airlines. The uptake will doubtless accelerate further when multilingual content is introduced. Chinese and Spanish will be the first languages.

“This is free for airlines, not a commercial product, as we really believe it is in the interest of our industry to be up to date on environmental topics,” Miltcheva concludes. “The 2050 net zero goal needs every airline and partner to play their part. FlyAware will give them the knowledge they need to make sure their sustainability initiatives keep up with industry best practice.”

More information on FlyAware and contact details can be found here.


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