IATA collaborates to measure flight carbon emissions

IATA and Travalyst have joined forces to provide consumers with a consistent, accurate, and widely available calculation of their carbon footprint from air travel.

Travalyst and IATA both possess a deep understanding of the traveler and relevant technical and operational expertise. This will enable the two organisations to collaborate to align CO2 emission calculations.  This collaboration will focus on both data and standard methodology for route-based passenger CO2 emissions calculations for aviation at scale. This will include a shared position on how to account for sustainable aviation fuel.

“Consumers want to understand the environmental impact of their travels. Both Travalyst and IATA are continuously working to improve their methodologies by incorporating emerging knowledge of climate impacts. We are working together to provide the consumer with easy access to consistent calculations of the environmental cost of their travel,” said Willie Walsh, IATA’s Director General.

Sally Davey, CEO, Travalyst said: “This is the first time that airlines and the travel technology sector have come together in this way. As such it is a milestone moment in the decarbonization of the sector. In the face of the climate emergency, travelers want and need clear and unequivocal information about their carbon footprint on which to base travel decisions. Today, we are bringing some of the leading travel brands around the table with the world's leading airline association, with the aim of easily providing consumers with the most accurate carbon calculations.”


Credit | iStock