Welcoming a new passenger experience

The passenger journey must accommodate new biosafety measures without losing sight of its seamless goal

Passenger experience

Jeffrey N. Shane: Go for it!

Jeffrey N. Shane, IATA’s former General Counsel, put aviation on the road to liberalization during his previous roles. As he retires, he cautions governments not to stray from this path


Low risk of viral transmission in flight

Inflight COVID-19 transmission is rare, not only due to new measures but thanks to the airflow within aircraft

Passenger experience

Extremely low risk of viral transmission inflight

Inflight COVID-19 transmission is extremely rare. Since the start of 2020, there have been 44 confirmed or possible cases of COVID-19 associated with a flight. Over the same period, some 1.2 billion passengers have traveled. That equates to one case for every 27 million travelers.