IATA announced an expected strengthening of airline industry profitability in an upgrade of its outlook for 2023.
A wide range of factors, often unpredictable, can affect the safe and secure continuity of civil aviation and yet airlines do not always get the right information at the right time.
Travelers expect accuracy and transparency in CO2 emission calculations. IATA’s CO2 Connect tool enables the industry to meet these needs.
Modern airline retailing is gathering momentum and promises significant benefits for airlines.
Wednesday 8th February 2023

Governments in the region must understand the value of aviation.

Governments in Asia-Pacific must step up to promote the production of sustainable aviation fuels.

The cabin is a highly visible element of aviation’s environmental performance.

The industry’s digital transformation is built on the ability to exchange data quickly and easily.

IATA and McKinsey & Company published a study of profitability trends across the aviation value chain showing that profitability varies widely by sector.