Have you ever been caught in a long line at the airport and wondered: What’s going on? 

Are the service staff just having a bad day, or troubled by something else? Maybe they’re wondering about their new shift plan and the effects it has on their free time and salary. Or maybe they’re tired from working too many hours overtime because the duty roster didn’t account for the high passenger load.

Either way, their poor service has affected you and your fellow travelers. After all, nobody likes waiting in line whether it’s at the check-in, baggage drop, security checkpoint, or the boarding gate. These delays add up, and eat into the valuable time spent in the airport retail area.

And even if there were time, unhappy passengers tend to spend less money—up to 45% less, according to the head of Airport IT at the Amadeus IT Group. The result? Lower airport retail sales numbers and passenger ratings for the airport.

World-leading airports are seeing results from putting their passengers’ satisfaction first: Singapore’s Changi Airport, for instance, was crowned the World’s Best Airport at the Skytrax 2016 World Airport Awards, followed by Incheon International, and Munich Airport.

To join the ranks of the world’s best, airport operators must ensure passengers don’t suffer excessive queueing and unnecessary wait times. But how do you keep staff happy, passengers satisfied, and run an efficient operation at the same time?

An intelligent planning platform with demand-driven planning capabilities may be your answer. It would give your planners the ability to accurately predict passenger numbers for each flight, and determine the right number of check-in counters to open—at the right time and duration. Coupled with an employee self-service portal, your staff would be able to fill in their desired working hours and even swap shifts with each other. This would allow your planners to create schedules that match the anticipated customer demand while taking into account staff preferences.

Want to learn more about planning your ground resources efficiently? Check out this webinar recording by aviation solutions expert Uri Schlafrig.


Kerstin Blankertz, EMEA Marketing Manager Aviation, Quintiq
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