North America

IATA criticized the decision by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Biden Administration to raise the cost of air travel by mandating airlines provide financial compensation to travelers for flight delays and cancellations, in addition to their current care offerings.

Doug Lavin, IATA’s Vice President, Member and External Relations, North America says re-regulation of the US market will not deliver consumer benefits.

Ben Minicucci, CEO, Alaska Air Group, says in-house training will provide an important pipeline of pilot talent. Interview by Perry Flint.

IATA has again called on the Canadian Government to urgently discontinue its COVID-19 related travel restrictions. These are now out of step with the global trend of lifting travel restrictions and are partly responsible for the ongoing delays and...

Tuesday 14th June 2022

Delta Air Lines CEO, Ed Bastian, says sustainable operations can be combined with good business decisions and a strong response to demand. Interview by Perry Flint.

IATA has written to the Canadian Government urging the ministers in charge to take immediate action to reduce the massive delays at immigration and security that are presently occurring at the country’s main international airports.

Peter Ingram, Hawaiian Airlines, CEO Interview, says the airline must be able to properly respond to the desire to travel. Interview by Perry Flint.

Airlines are hopeful of a positive northern hemisphere spring and summer to drive demand toward pre-pandemic levels.

Issues surrounding the implementation of 5G have hit the headlines recently, most notably in the United States.