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Pakistan is potentially a huge aviation market, boasting a population of some 240 million. That potential is yet to be realized, however, and fewer than 11 million people fly annually.
Greg Foran, CEO, Air New Zealand, says a simple plan executed perfectly is the key to success. Interview by Graham Newton.

Governments in Asia-Pacific must step up to promote the production of sustainable aviation fuels.

China Airlines Chairman, Hsieh Su-Chien, says that prioritizing cargo operations was essential to the carrier’s survival. Interview by Graham Newton.

IATA urged Asia-Pacific governments to prepare for the anticipated surge in traffic and provide policy support for the industry’s decarbonization efforts, as the region moves forward from COVID-19.

Dr. Xie Xingquan, IATA’s RVP for North Asia, says the region’s recovery cannot ignore safety and future financial resilience.

Augustus Tang, CEO, Cathay Pacific, says the industry must invest in environmental initiatives despite short-term challenges.

Jayne Hrdlicka, CEO of Virgin Australia, believes it is vital to keep the world accessible through great value fares. Interview by Graham Newton

Friday 3rd June 2022

Qatar has a busy year ahead. In November, teams and supporters from 32 countries will gather for the month-long soccer FIFA World Cup—an event that could not exist without aviation.

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