Joerg Eberhart, Air Dolomiti President and CEO.

Can you tell us about the airline’s ambitious expansion plans?

We have just announced the growth plan for Air Dolomiti, which will start in 2019. It makes us very proud because we will grow from 12 to 26 aircraft. The new 14 aircraft will join the fleet gradually, with completion scheduled for 2023.

It is a big step as more aircrafts will enable the company to cover more European destinations within the Lufthansa Group’s network.

A new image has also been launched that maintains an Italian spirit but has a strong link to the Lufthansa Group’s brand.

Will you be able to recruit enough staff for your needs?

Our recruitment process started last year and it will continue throughout 2019. Air Dolomiti will open up the door to hundreds of new hires both of flight crew and ground support personnel.

In particular, for flying personnel, we planned a cutting-edge program that has never been done before in Italy: the creation of an Air Dolomiti Flying Academy where new pilots will be trained, in cooperation with Lufthansa Aviation Training and the European Flight Academy (EFA). Air Dolomiti will finance it in part, offering scholarships to allow the cadets to take on a training curriculum. Italy is a nation with huge potential, and I hope that our idea is received with enthusiasm.

Air Dolomiti is in a position to combine the strength, stability, and high standards of Lufthansa with Italian creativity, flexibility and problem-solving capability

Is infrastructure in Germany and Italy suited to your needs?

The infrastructure is already at a very good level but there is always room for improvement in Italy as well as in Germany.

We hope that new investments will be decided shortly in order to enlarge and innovate the existing infrastructures and support economic growth in the airline sector. In northern Italy especially, there is real potential for premium offers and the optimized intermodality of rail and air services.

In brief… Air Dolomiti

  • As a subsidiary of Lufthansa, the airline currently serves 18 routes to and from Italy
  • Operating out of Munich Airport, Air Dolomiti has enjoyed a period of sustained expansion to become one of the German base’s largest carriers by volume of traffic
  • Air Dolomiti was founded in 1991, building a cutting edge fleet through renewal policies

What are the advantages of being part of an airline group?

Certainly, Air Dolomiti benefits from this situation for many reasons. We are the only Italian airline in the Lufthansa Group and operating under our own brand allows us to build strong ties with the country in which we are based. Verona and the main Italian cities are connected to the world thanks to the Lufthansa Group’s main hubs in Munich and Frankfurt.

And, of course, there are great advantages deriving from the Group’s support in operational, administrative and financial areas. Air Dolomiti is in a position to combine the strength, stability, and high standards of Lufthansa with Italian creativity, flexibility and problem-solving capability.

How do you pass your time on a flight? Do you work, enjoy the experience or catch up on some rest?

A little bit of both depending on the length of the flight. I usually prefer working or enjoying the vast selection of digital news content in the Air Dolomiti onboard entertainment.