Partner content: The Solidarity Transport Hub company announced a tender procedu...

The STH company opens another important tender procedure. Its subject primarily includes services related to the technical review of the design documentation (DRF – Design Review Function) for the Solidarity Transport Hub and ensuring the utmost quality of the design documentation.

September 2022

Whitepaper: Maximizing Airline Profits with Total Revenue Optimization

As airlines continue along an uncertain path, access to the best technology is essential. Advanced Artificial Intelligence, specifically deep learning, will unleash an airline’s ability to fully develop its potential and run and adapt its commercial business.

August 2022


The digital transformation of the travel industry has picked up speed. Public health concerns have prompted greater interest in biometrics applied to aviation, contributing to a move towards a seamless, fully contactless self-service, and personalised journey.

July 2022

Sponsored: The Solidarity Transport Hub company starts looking for a financial i...

The Solidarity Transport Hub company from Poland is responsible for the construction of the biggest airport in the CEE region.

July 2022

ATR: The Flight to Sustainable Connectivity Supplement

Airlines. has teamed up with ATR to present this special commemorative digital magazine celebrating 40 years of ATR development and innovation. Read below how next generation turboprops will transform airline operations and propel aviation into a sustainable future.

July 2022

Sponsored: JetBlue partners with FLYR to optimize revenue

JetBlue has partnered with FLYR Labs, the travel industry’s leading innovator in AI-driven forecasting and pricing, to elevate the airline’s revenue optimization capabilities with accurate, real-time decision intelligence and analytics.

June 2022