In numbers: Global Passenger Survey 2019

IATA global passengers survey 2019

December 2019

Operating Leases - the hidden costs and pitfalls to avoid. What to do?

In this session IBA’s Peter Walter and Guljar Lehri look at how airlines can manage their operating leases to avoid millions of dollars of unwanted and hidden cost.

November 2019

Challenge Disruption: Delivering a Seamless Experience

Annually, airlines worldwide lose $25 billion due to delays, cancellations and other irregular operations. With various disruptions such as weather, mechanical issues, crew unavailability or security delays affecting the different services and user touch-points, it becomes imperative to respond...

November 2019

In numbers: World Air Transport Statistics 2019

The world air transport statistics 2019

October 2019

More Control and Less Waiting – through Legal Tech and Automation

For over a decade more and more passenger liability regimes have come into existence on a global scale. Even though some jurisdictions are currently debating a revision of those rules, the level of consumer protection is unlikely to fall below the present standards. 

October 2019

Smarter Aviation for Tomorrow: Revitalizing Travel and Passenger Experiences

IATA forecasts that passenger numbers will reach 8.2 billion by 2037. In parallel with the rising passenger numbers, there is an increasing demand for both personalized experiences and superior passenger services.

August 2019