Hexaware: Embracing digital transformation to enrich the customer experience in...

As customer reliance on technology increases, the expectation of airlines to meet new demands is increasing rapidly.  As customers look for self-serve technology, seamless experiences and digital retail opportunities, airlines are under pressure to transform their passenger experience....

August 2019

Advancing Aviation Safety with Technology

Since the very launch of scheduled commercial aviation operations 100 years ago through the beginning of the Jet Age in the mid-20th century and on the present day, stakeholders in the aviation industry have worked continuously to improve the sector’s safety performance.

July 2019

Climbing fast

The ACMI business is dominated by the regional segment and is growing fast in Europe

June 2019

In numbers: Republic of Korea—A story of aviation

Republic of Korea - A story of aviation

June 2019

In numbers: 2018 Airline Safety Performance

2018 Airline Safety Performance

April 2019

Sponsored: Watch out flightright—disrupting the passenger claim agency business

The next big thing: automating and digitizing the passenger claims handling on behalf of air carriers—not consumers and passengers. A Frankfurt based startup went live on April 1, 2019 with its service called justclaims.eu....

April 2019