When IATA announced the launch of Accelerate@IATA an industry level innovation platform powered by Plug and Play, the Silicon Valley innovation platform, the world was a far different place. Designed to support airlines and their value chain partners by speeding up new technology implementation around IATA standards, Accelerate@IATA had just gotten off the ground when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Now, as IATA works to support industry restart, Accelerate@IATA has been pivoted to assist the industry in this crucial time.

Last year, the accelerator was focused on assisting airlines in their digital retailing journey. The aim of Accelerate@IATA has now shifted to the industry’s restart priorities, such as stimulating demand, enhancing passenger confidence, and increasing operational efficiency.  The objective is to quickly facilitate pilots and implementations between airlines and startups who have interesting solutions and proven track records.

“IATA is committed to supporting airlines in their restart activities and Accelerate@IATA has been redesigned to contribute to this effort. Many airlines are facing immediate challenges such as anticipating what will be the passenger demand in the coming weeks and months and how to restore passenger confidence and incentivize them to fly again. The industry also needs to restore connectivity and facilitate new types of partnerships, including interline and intermodal as well as explore global solutions to accommodate newly emerging government and health authorities’ requirements regarding passengers’ health related information. and contact tracing compliance. The team has already identified technologies to showcase all of this and we are looking forward to offering our members access to them through Accelerate@IATA,” said Muhammad Albakri IATA’s Regional Vice President for Africa and the Middle East and Secretary of IATA’s Digital Transformation Advisory Committee

For 2020, Accelerate@IATA will create 4, 30 day ‘segments’ based on the industry restart priorities. Each segment will be limited to up to 8 airlines and 5 – 10 startups and airlines that join the program will have a bespoke program, tailored to their needs in order to pilot a solution quickly.

Amir Amidi, Managing Partner, Travel & Hospitality, of Plug and Play stated that “it is more critical than ever to support the aviation industry that has been battered by the pandemic. This program is key in helping airlines access new technologies that can help in the aviation industry restart.”

Learn more about Accelerate@IATA powered by Plug and Play, and register to attend a complementary webinar  on 2 September.

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