Detailed reports can help industry learn from accidents

IATA has called for a vast improvement in the air accident investigation reporting process.

A recent study showed that reports were available for just 30% of accidents in the last decade.

Speaking at the IATA Safety and Flight Operations Conference in Seoul, IATA Director General and CEO Alexandre de Juniac highlighted the importance of detailed, accurate reports so the industry can learn from accidents—and prevent them happening again.

The investigation process is one of our most important learning tools 

De Juniac said global standards must be applied in air accident investigations, and that greater cooperation between aviation stakeholders is needed.

“Global standards exist, but they are not being applied universally,” de Juniac said.

“The investigation process is one of our most important learning tools when building global standards.

“However, a recent study showed that of the approximately 1,000 accidents over the last decade, accident reports were available for only around 300 of them. And of those, many had room for improvement.

“To learn from an accident, we need reports that are complete, accessible and timely.”