The latest Global Passenger Survey results show passengers want quicker and less intrusive security processes, as well as a more automated check-in service. 

Airport security

IATA’s 2018 Global Passenger Survey (GPS) has revealed that travelers continue to embrace technology to give them greater control and improve the efficiency of their journey.

Based on more than 10,000 responses from 145 countries, the survey provides insight into what passengers would like from their travel experience.

Passengers said that they want:

•    Real-time information delivered to their mobile devices
•    Biometric identification to facilitate their travel processes 
•    Automation of more airport processes 
•    Wait times of less than 10 minutes at security/immigration 
•    Bags tracked throughout their journey 
•    A human touch when things go wrong

Being informed with real-time information throughout a particular journey via their personal device was a popular wish among passengers, with flight status information (82%), baggage (49%), and waiting times at security/immigration (46%) mentioned as the top three priorities among consumers. Real-time baggage tracking was also sought after by 56% of respondents.

The GPS tells us that passengers want a seamless and secure travel experience from booking to arrival

In terms of pain points, passengers identified security/border control and boarding processes as the two biggest annoyances. Some 57% of travelers were frustrated at having to remove personal items during security checks, making it the top pain point with security among passengers.

“The GPS tells us that passengers want a seamless and secure travel experience from booking to arrival,” said Nick Careen, IATA’s Senior Vice President for Airport, Passenger, Cargo and Security. “Airports and airlines are eager to meet evolving passenger expectations.”