The Passenger Services Conference (PSC) has adopted a Resolution on a standard for IATA’s ONE Order initiative.


Leveraging the data communication advances from the New Distribution Capability, ONE Order will modernize and simplify airline order management, including the delivery, fulfilment, and accounting processes related to airline products and services.

For passengers, ONE Order will mean the gradual disappearance of multiple reservation records in favor of one document and a single order number.

“ONE Order will eliminate the need for passengers to juggle different reference numbers and documents along their journeys,” said Aleks Popovich, IATA’s Senior Vice President, Financial and Distribution Services. “With ONE Order, the only thing that passengers will need to be instantly recognized is their order number. It will greatly simplify the passenger experience and remove one of the hassles of travel — trying to find the correct document or number when dealing with an itinerary change or a travel disruption.”

Full adoption of ONE Order is a multi-year, multi-stage process that will engage many participants in the travel value chain including airlines, travel agents, global distribution systems, passenger service system suppliers, and airline e-commerce platforms and others.