While share prices fell in August, year-on-year performance remains strong

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The latest IATA Financial Monitor showed a mixed performance for the airline industry.

Globally, airlines’ share prices fell by 1.5% overall in August, with the 8% drop in the equity index of North American airlines having a significant impact.

The equity index for Asia Pacific and European airlines grew, however, while year-on-year global airlines' share prices have increased by 32%.

In the latest Financial Monitor podcast Andrew Matters, IATA Head of Industry Analysis, and David Oxley, IATA Senior Economist, dissect the results and explain the factors contributing to regional variations.

In part two of the podcast, Brian Pearce, IATA Chief Economist, provides insight on the European aviation market—where shares are up 50% since the beginning of the year—as well as the benefits and challenges provided by joint ventures and tie-ups.

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