IATA has supported the UK government’s conclusion that Heathrow needs a new runway.


But it warned that the price must be right. That means giving passengers value for money and not expecting them to pay for benefits that will only be enjoyed by those traveling after the runway becomes operational. How the cost of the runway is allocated to different stakeholders will be crucial. For instance, the government should take separate responsibility for all surface access funding, for both road and rail. 

“We are convinced that the new runway will be environmentally sustainable and look forward to a dialogue with stakeholders on how this can be achieved,” said Alexandre de Juniac, IATA's Director General and CEO. “But the new runway must not be so encumbered with draconian operational restrictions and costs on its use that its potential economic value is destroyed. That would short-change travelers and the UK economy. 

“The next step needs a big community effort,” he added. “Airlines, the airport, the regulator and the government must work very hard together to ensure the success of the new runway. Above all, that means keeping costs at competitive levels."