Simplifying the Business (StB) white paper outlines exciting opportunities for airlines and airports

Autonomous airport vehicles, new passenger payment systems, and increased personalization are three areas identified as offering opportunities in this year’s Simplifying the Business (StB) white paper.

According to the paper, “airports are likely to see the introduction of driverless buses over the next five years.”

Other opportunities for automation include self-driving cargo unit load devices (ULDs) and ULD tugs, remote-controlled electric pushback devices, and even drones “that could move baggage around the airport.”

New generations of customers are increasingly open to adopting alternate forms of payment

Turning to passenger payments, meanwhile, the white paper notes that “new generations of customers are increasingly open to adopting alternate and convenient forms of payment,” such as Apple Pay and Venmo, which is a mobile payment service owned by PayPal.

The global airline industry “offers few of these options while it spends billions annually in payment fees.”

The paper outlines a vision for a new form of payment—the IATA Wallet that would be simple, secure, and efficient for travelers while also reducing airline payment costs.

Personalization, meanwhile, will make it possible to deliver a “frictionless and personalized end-to-end travel experience”  for air travelers.

The personalization concept contains three main components:

  • A data-sharing taxonomy around which customer data will be organized.

  • A data interface and control guidelines so customers enjoy full access to, and control of, the data in their profile.

  • Data integrity mechanisms that will enable customers to control who gets access to their information.