IATA released a new analysis showing that reported unruly passenger incidents increased in 2022 compared with 2021.
IATA warned that rapidly rising levels of blocked funds are a threat to airline connectivity in the affected markets.
IATA released data for April 2023 global air cargo markets, showing a continued, but slower, decline against the previous year’s demand performance.
IATA announced continued strong passenger traffic demand in April.
A vibrant panel session at the IGHC on developments in ramp operations debated how state-of-the-art optimization algorithms can resolve ground handling capacity issues, manage staff, and improve quality of service.
Staff shortages are one of the biggest challenges facing ground operations.
Ground operations remains a labor-intensive sector. But automation, especially below the wing, could bring enormous advantages.
Autonomous vehicles on the ramp are not part of ground operations’ future, they are part of the present, said a panel on the subject at the IATA Ground Handling Conference.
IATA reported high levels of confidence among travelers for the peak Northern summer holiday season.