IATA believes Europe can take lead in sustainable fuel production after European Commission ruling.


IATA welcomed the European Commission’s revision of the Renewable Energy Directive, but urged policy-makers to prioritize their use for air transport.

While road transport has increasing options to move toward electrification, aviation must continue with liquid fuel at the present time. Therefore, there is a strong case for sustainable fuel policies to prioritize air transport to boost supply and reduce costs.

“Aviation is on a path towards carbon-neutral growth and ultimately to reduce emissions in half,” said Michael Gill, IATA’s Director, Aviation Environment. “Sustainable fuels are an essential element of our carbon-cutting strategy, with the prospect of an 80% decrease in carbon compared with traditional jet fuel. Policies to incentivize the production of such fuels have been successful in the United States and elsewhere. Europe has an opportunity to take the lead in sustainable fuel production if the revised RED contains the right measures.”

The European Commission’s stated aim is for Europe to become the leader in renewable energy and the revision of the RED offers a unique opportunity for Europe to demonstrate what can be achieved when policy-makers and industry combine for a co-ordinated approach to climate action and business innovation.

“Airlines are absolutely committed to the highest sustainability standards for alternative fuels, to ensure no interference with biodiversity, food production, or clean water resources,” said Gill. “We are ready and willing to invest in these fuels.”