Innovative system 'will be a catalyst for improved industry efficiencies'

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SkyFusion is available for commercial trial as of January, 2017.

SkyFusion—a technology partnership between IATA and Harris—uses air traffic management’s System-Wide Information Management (SWIM) guidelines to facilitate data sharing between aviation partners. 

The upshot is improved situational awareness on a single platform. 

This collaborative approach to ATM will benefit the entire industry

SkyFusion’s support of data sharing between ANSPs, airlines, airports, and third party sources is unique.

It recognizes that all organizations bring valuable information to the table, and that the global aviation community makes better decisions when all the puzzle pieces come together.

Indeed, efficient cross-boundary data sharing is becoming increasingly important.

ICAO updates to the Global Air Navigation Plan include a “minimum path” that emphasizes the standardization of data and the implementation of SWIM.

“With data being on-ramped from a range of authoritative sources and the vision of SkyFusion being supported by Eurocontrol and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), SkyFusion’s evolution and development will be a catalyst for improved industry efficiencies, which is at the heart of IATA’s core mission,” said Rob Eagles, IATA’s Director, ATM & Infrastructure, Safety & Flight Operations.

“This collaborative approach to ATM will benefit the entire industry.”