At Get-e, we employ our adaptable technology to continuously improve and evolve our product offering using feedback and input from our airline partners. As a result, we are currently developing an integrated hotel (HOTAC) proposition alongside our global crew transportation services as an automated solution for both crews and disrupted passengers. 

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What does Get-e currently provide?

Get-e supports carriers by acting as a one-stop-shop. Crew transfer bookings are quick and easy to manage on the Get-e platform, which is particularly important when booking ad-hoc transfers. The booking status can be tracked online, while the location of the driver is available before and during the transfer. The visibility and monitoring provided by the Get-e platform enhances duty of care to the air crews, with COVID-safe and secure transport delivered from quality vetted, fully insured and experienced transport suppliers.

There is no doubt that the pandemic has forced Airlines into a significant rethink as to how to optimise their operations at a lower cost and with less resource. A key consideration for Get-e is the ability to support and be part of the restart strategy of our airline partners. Our customers have seen noticeable changes in their ability to book crew transfers quickly and efficiently, enabling them to concentrate on core operational activities, which is much more difficult when these processes are being handled manually. We have found that the automation of crew transfers can reduce direct operational resources and hours required, on average, by the equivalent of up to five full-time members of staff.   

So why HOTAC?

Bringing HOTAC booking under our umbrella means that we can provide a much more seamless and holistic offering to our customers. Airlines can arrange the airport transfer, accommodation and return journey in one place, with contract management of hotels all managed as part of a single, flexible sourcing solution, saving administration cost and time. 

The visibility and monitoring provided by the Get-e platform enhances duty of care to the air crews, with Covid-safe and secure transport. We match the best HOTAC suppliers to meet airline requirements and specifications with pre-auditing and reporting as standard. Our objective is to maximise crew satisfaction and the crew rest experience. In the event of any issue or query, emergency support is available 24/7.

Airline reputation management tools 

This year Get-e created a disruption management platform, giving airlines a ready-to-go transportation and HOTAC partner to support passengers affected by flight diversions at the touch of a button. 

From our disruption management platform we are alerted of any flight disruptions such as diversions or severe delays and can arrange alternative transport and hotel accommodation. Using digital solutions across the value chain means that in the time between finding out about the diversion and the plane landing, transport can be sourced, booked and en route to the airport. This not only improves the passenger experience through minimising delay but also reduces administration time and cost and the risk of passenger compensation claims. 

To find out more about Get-e’s crew transfer, HOTAC or disruption management platform, visit, call +44 203 856 8655 or email

By Roy Hughes, Commercial Director at Get-e