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The pandemic has forced many airlines to restructure their fleet. For leased aircraft, this involves not only re-negotiating contract conditions, but also returning the asset to the aircraft owners and managers.

Whatever the circumstances, it is essential for an airline to know that the aircraft and its engines stay in optimal technical condition. This maintains the asset’s value and reduces the risk of unexpected costs.

SGI Aviation Services has expert knowledge that supports aircraft owners and financiers advising on the return, management, and remarketing of returned aircraft.

SGI CEO Paolo Lironi states: “Any repossession, either friendly or unfriendly, is often a complex mixture of process steps, further challenged by the commercial and financial pressure to make the aircraft re-marketable. SGI is proud to have experts in advising and driving the process to a successful result.”


During redelivery or repossession, aside from the need for speed, completeness in back-to-birth traceability is paramount. This can be assessed while the asset remains under continued airworthiness.

But because continued airworthiness differs according to the jurisdiction,project management is vital to ensure no detail is unmanaged, or missed, and progress is maintained.

The completeness, availability, and quality of aircraft documentation, although under strict guidelines, is understandably varied. There can be insufficient details, missing, or unreadable documents, all ending in significant cost.

Every component on the aircraft should be traceable back to origin, its maintenance history clear, and its current condition verifiable.

“You have to be highly experienced and have detailed knowledge to be able to assess the documentation and address what is required to rectify any shortfall,” says SGI Senior Project Manager Serge Vrancken. “This can be a difficult and complex process, but records specialists know exactly where to check.”

Onsite teams create a redelivery binder containing all master documents and the many small details necessary for completeness. The team usually consists of a Senior Technical Representative, a Records Specialist and, on requirement, an Engine Specialist.

Generally, the Senior Technical Representative is a generalist team leader responsible for onsite project management and physical inspections. The Records Specialist is focused mainly on document traceability and the Engine Specialist is active on any item concerning engine documentation and also witnesses engine borescoping.

Continued airworthiness

Continued Airworthiness persists even when the aircraft is under parking or storge conditions. Because time limits are also part of maintenance and replacement, the clock never stops ticking.

Maintenance and repair is therefore constant and should be considered even if an aircraft is due to be returned. There can be serious consequences if a heavy maintenance check is delayed or even if an aircraft needs repainting.

When this is combined with the need for speedy redelivery, project management skills become essential. Aircraft owners and financiers need clear and predictable information. All scenarios and their consequences must be made obvious, with an emphasis on the financial, legal, and commercial aspects.

Making the right decisions depends on having the right information or knowing what it will take to obtain the right information. Only an expert in the field can provide a timely and detailed analysis of the choices available.

“You have to be highly experienced to be able to assess the documentation and address what needs to be rectified” Serge Vrancken, SGI Senior Manager

“A project must be managed in such a way that, if a sequence changes, or a completely new item arises, the details are shared immediately with the owner and choices presented to resolve the issue along with the cost and time requirements,” says Chris Water, SGI Project Manager.

Water says the big six of project management are:

  • Compliance
  • Quality
  • Predictability
  • Complexity
  • Turn Around Time
  • Cost

A good project manager should also understand the bigger picture, and that takes time, knowledge, and experience. SGI has a detailed roadmap for aircraft and engine repossession that it updates with every experience. It stands ready to share its knowledge base with the industry.

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