The Global Aviation Industry continues to grow rapidly but consistent and robust profitability is elusive. To be competitive, aviation industry players need to embrace technological disruptions to deliver end to end digital and personalised experiences to their customers. This webinar will provide insights on unique or new approaches of disruptive assurance (testing) technologies to validate the packaged product service model in conjunction with user behavioral patterns for the airlines industry.

But how can airlines assure superior service to their customers while dynamically packaging the product and service to bring out an omni-channel personalised travel experience for their passengers?

According to SITA's recent airline trends report, mobile will continue to dominate the IT spend (80%) among airlines over the next three years. With the concepts of 'connected aircraft', beacon technology and location based smartphone/tablet services gaining attention, 46% of airlines are seeing improved passenger experience as a main benefit of these developments.

But before a smooth take off, airlines and airports need to formulate an integrated, custom strategy to validate the packaged product service model in conjunction with user behavioural patterns to assure these channels work coherently to deliver on the vision. This webinar gives insight on the approaches airlines can take to assure personalised superior experiences for their passengers, and look at the specific outcomes and value propositions.

Our expert panel cover:

  • challenges and emerging trends in the aviation industry
  • key technology adoptions with respect to digital assurance
  • new ways of assuring personalised digital experiences for passengers


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