In this session IBA’s Peter Walter and Guljar Lehri look at how airlines can manage their operating leases to avoid millions of dollars of unwanted and hidden cost.

It has been predicted that the aircraft leasing market will grow to over US$ 60,000 million by 2023. Looking at the growth and success of this market, the presenters will share their expertise, insight and research to help airlines mitigate against overspends and unnecessary costs during the operating lease cycle.

The session aims to provide airlines with clarity and precision for contract drafting, insight on the challenges of redelivery and aircraft transition, reviews the most common areas for redelivery disputes and provides a check list of IBA’s best practise for avoiding hidden costs and overspends – our research shows the average narrowbody overspend is now close to $2m.

With the large number of aircraft transitions expected to continue for both narrow and widebody aircraft over the next 4 years, this session reinforces the importance of early planning and engagement, robust contracts and resources.