30 May at 10:00 EDT, 15:00 BST, 16:00 CEST

The advent of eCommerce has been a game changer in the travel business. Open skies, new routes, discount airlines and sophisticated search engines provide end-customers with unlimited options, but for merchants the space is crowded, margins are slim and the stakes are high; bringing in and converting customers has become a key and difficult task. 

eCommerce has also facilitated a new avenue for online fraud to eat away at profits. Traditional fraud management is exclusive - it aims to keep fraud out at all costs - essentially turning away many good customers. In today's world, where every order counts and customer loyalty is harder to come by, merchants need inclusive fraud management that is accurate enough to accept more orders, and flexible enough to support global expansion and innovative business flows.

In this IATA webinar, presented in partnership with Riskified, discover:

  • The hidden costs of ecommerce fraud on profit margins in the travel industry.
  • How to leverage machine-learning to discover and mitigate sophisticated fraud before it can have a negative impact on operations.
  • How travel merchants can shift chargeback liability away from their business to help protect their revenue.

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