Airlines. ran a webinar with Datalex on the 1st December 2022, discussing how NDC is Reimagining the Relationship. Click here to watch on demand

NDC is a vital enabler in the industry-wide ambition to realise true modern airline retailing.

For too many years, travel agents have been selling airline products without full knowledge of airline offers and using sub-par tools to do so. For this reason, these relationships were not nurtured, let alone optimised. NDC is transforming the airline / agency dynamic and presents one of the biggest changes and opportunities for the airline industry in the journey to transforming airline retail.

Leveraging advanced NDC technology, airlines can greatly enhance the airline / agency relationship, claim back full control of their indirect channels and uncover untapped opportunities to meet their customer needs with simplicity, transparency, and personalisation.

This Datalex and IATA webinar will explore the latest trends and opportunities in NDC, how to get the industry to the next level of NDC, ensure greater adoption and ultimately realise greater retailing for all – the airline, the agent and the traveller.

Click here to watch on demand