Airlines. will be running a webinar with Datalex on the 6th July 2022, 14:00 BST discussing the power that AI-driven airline pricing has to transform and supercharge revenue management strategies. Click here to watch On Demand.

For too long, airlines have been restricted in their abilities to strategically price their flights and remain consistently competitive. Existing legacy systems and the limitations of human cognitive capacity have both unnecessarily constrained airlines – until now. AI-powered pricing represents the single biggest opportunity for airlines to transform their revenue management strategies.

Find out how:

  • AI-driven airline pricing can supercharge revenue management strategies by moving from incremental improvements to exponential uplifts
  • Airlines can ensure human judgement is applied to every AI-powered prediction
  • Airlines can continuously price at scale and in real-time
  • AI can identify hidden relationships and interpret signals unique to an airline in a way that a human never could.
  • Datalex customers are already transforming their pricing strategies with Datalex Pricing AI
  • Datalex’s unique market-leading reasoning helps airlines to optimise prices by applying human reasoning techniques to each decision

Click here to watch On Demand