As customer reliance on technology increases, the expectation of airlines to meet new demands is increasing rapidly.  As customers look for self-serve technology, seamless experiences and digital retail opportunities, airlines are under pressure to transform their passenger experience. 

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But how can airlines keep up with the acceleration of technological offerings, on-board this efficiently and keep ahead of competition? 

This white paper will look at:

  • How airlines can use A.I to increase operational efficiency and improve digital on-boarding with big data, and how they can use this data to build customer relationships through personalisation. 
  • Biometric security and One ID - 64% of passengers would like to use a single biometric token for all travel interactions. 
  • How IT solutions and services providers can manage the majority of key challenges faced by airlines. 
  • Creating a seamless experience for customers using real-time data, self-service technology and the internet of things. 


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