With an increase in air travel as people get back to their lives and livelihoods, Thermo Fisher Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing is a SARS-CoV-2 solution to help ensure the safety of passengers, air travel employees, and countries.

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The goal in air travel testing is to detect low virus amounts in travelers before they enter a terminal. This is especially important in the case of asymptomatic travelers because infection can be more difficult to detect. PCR tests work by detecting the genetic material of the virus in samples collected from individuals. They are the most sensitive and accurate COVID-19 tests available, meaning they can detect an infection when the amount of virus is low.

Thermo Fisher PCR tests bring scalability and speed to sample collection and processing. Depending on the type of PCR test, throughput can be up to 583 in eight hours and provide results for each air traveler in as little as a day—making it easier for the air travel market to address accurate testing for more flights and routes.

Changing vaccination rates, breakthrough infections, transmission levels, and emerging variants make every day different. This means that COVID-19 testing for air travel remains an essential part of keeping passengers safe and preventing new outbreaks.*

Thermo Fisher wants to facilitate the safe continuation of national and international travel. We’re working with labs, lab providers, digital health passport providers, and governments to scale an end-to-end network that can offer airlines a unified testing experience that is fast and straightforward and provides documentation that is secure and verifiable for point-of-entry.

Thermo Fisher can help streamline the process by connecting airlines to a network of full-service lab providers and digital health vendors that coordinate all parts of the testing process: collecting the sample, running PCR tests, and securely sending the results to the people being tested and to digital health passport vendors. The passenger can then show verifiable proof of a negative test from the vendor at the time of boarding.

Currently drivers for testing vary around the world. To solve air travel testing challenges, coordinated, efficient, scalable solutions are critical. Thermo Fisher is taking the lead in comprehensive network testing for COVID-19 to provide confidence in safety to passengers, airlines, and governments.

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