Understanding the weather before and at takeoff, during the flight and at landing is one of the greatest challenges faced by airlines everyday.


Deciding the minimum safe and legal amount of fuel to be carried while ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers, requires accurate pinpoint up-to-date weather information customized to the each airline's specific requirements and delivered in timely fashion to support operational decision-making.

This paper discusses how private weather vendors can create additional cost savings and value to airlines.  Specifically, learn about the:

  • Private weather vendors’ constant quest for innovative weather products driven by the aviation market’s needs and private funding

  • Role of private weather vendors ensuring worldwide forecasting coverage including remote places

  • Importance of having access to more than the government forecast model only, and how private weather vendor’s proprietary forecast models differ

  • Value added by direct communications provided by aviation meteorologists with 24/7 worldwide coverage

In addition to this paper, Weathernews will be exhibiting their innovative aviation weather solutions at the 11th Annual Flight Operations Conference scheduled on Nov 28-29 in London Heathrow.

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